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A faithful friend for your devices


Charli is an innovative system for charging cell phones, digital cameras,
smartphones and other portable devices.

No longer do you need any electrical outlet for charging your devices,
all the energy that you need is already inside CharLi.







From morning to night, no worries.


From today charging of your device is no longer a problem.

Not only beautiful


CharLi comes from the synergy between aesthetics and practicality typical of exclusive Made in Italy.


Its design represents the best of Italian style, synonymous with quality and creativity,
with the aim to interpret physically the satisfaction of a new and growing need.

Synergy between utility and aesthetics exclusively in this way we can define the Italian design.
CharLi wants to be born from this definition, in its lines expressing the freshness of a product



The idea stems from a stylistic concept of simplicity and linearity of shapes. The harmony of lines gives a distinct personality to the product, but without being too intrusive. Its design starts from the theory of simplicity of a cube, but in motion.


CharLi is the result of a precise study of the forms and the meticulous research of detail. The development of the lines is in synergy with a careful choice of materials: manufacturability with the latest technologies and recyclability are the basis of development.


The uniqueness and the precise identity of the product is enhanced by the choice of color: green. A color that symbolizes nature and energy. An apparently simple, but able to show personality in any environment.


Technology and Specifications
of use


The latest technologies and recyclability are behind the development of this product.


CharLi is on the table in restaurants, bars, halls, clubs, associations and provides everyone
the opportunity to continue to use your device, recharging while you spend some relaxing moments.

Technical specifications

  • 6 independent outputs from 5.25V – 1000mA max. Each output is electronically protected against short-circuit or overload.
  • 5 retractable cables with connectors for most popular mobile phones ..
  • A handy retractable device that allows you to automatically rewind the connection cables to maintain order and cleanliness on the table.
  • Maintain its charge up to six months in the case of non-use..
  • Charging time 6/8 hours.
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 5Ah maintenance-free.
  • Weight: 2,300 gr
  • Dimensions: 14x18x13, 5 cm
  • Retractable cables interchangeable power with ease.
  • Compact design, to minimize clutter on your desk.
  • Compliance with EC rules.
  • Adheres to COBAT for the recycling of batteries.
  • Manufactured and designed in Italy.
  • 2-year warranty including batteries.

In any situation, at your fingertips


Energy unlimited everything that matters most to you


Make it truly yours


Customize your Charli depending on your needs


CharLi is not any one product; Make it yours with custom graphics and useful accessories
that will make a real design object … with an eye to marketing.

'A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.' (Henry Ford)


Functionality and order


Napkins, menus, magazines, daily newspapers: Charli will help you keep your ordered tables in a practical and stylish.


As you want


You can completely customize CharLi the way you like, you’ll have only limited by your imagination.


Keep him talking about you


A handy accessory to periodically change the look of your adv with Charli, personalized menus and much more.


Safety guaranteed


A product that will never leave you: thanks to the practical anti-theft Charli will be safe from thieves.

Choose your Charli

At a table in a bar or a restaurant, in the lobby of a hotel or in a public place, Charli is a practical, useful and highly functional, and is available in two different versions: the classic and the Light. Unlike weight, the same energy!

Featuring six outputs and five connectors for smartphones, CharLi allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Discover where to buy!

Lightweight and easy to handle, CharLi Light is the version without
integrated battery, to be connected to a power outlet.

Discover where to buy!


Connecting my phone can i cause a short-circuit?

The sophisticated electronic circuit controlled by a microprocessor, Ensures That this can not happen.

How many phones can be connected simultaneously?

CharLi is able to provide the charge up to 6 devices connected at the same time.

Can i also recharge a Tablet?
CharLi is mainly intended for charging cell phones. It can anyway also charge tablets.
What are the phones that can be charged?

Charli has 5 different connectors for most popular mobile phones in Italy. Via the USB port, you can connect an additional cable for other devices. You can also charge many MP3 players, cameras …

How long does it take to recharge the internal battery of CharLi?

Approximately from 6 to 8 hours.

CharLi can also be used in foreign countries?

The input voltage supply range from 90 to 264 V AC. so it works in any foreign country.

Can I have CharLi customized with my logo?
Certainly. With a small surcharge for small quantities, free if over 100 pieces, and can be customized with your logo.
There is a danger of electrical shock using Charli?

Absolutely not! Operation at low voltage and is in no way possible to get a shock, even with the safeguards built into the electronics of the device.


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